Can you wiggle your nose while playing the banjo and jumping up and down on an elephant? or how's about playing classical music while miming the words to lines from film quotes? The performing arts are an amalgamation of anything and everything between the spectrums of dance, theatre and drama with comedy somewhat firmly inbetween.

Nottingham is the centre of the universe, well ours anyway and we wish to tempt you to educate your senses at the world famous University of Nottingham. Supported by a variety of external amateur dramatics clubs and venues, Nottingham university is the greatest place on earth to find out and traverse the multitude of talents while studying to become a great Actor, Actress or musical performer.

Lakeside Arts Centre At University of Nottingham

There are several interesting aspects of the Lakeside Arts Centre and they cover six main fields of interest. A theatre for children and families, and a variety of workshops, comedy, dance, drama, exhibitions and music performances. If you were to take further education which university would you prefer, one at the centre of performing arts in the UK with the latest technology or... well.

Lakeside is also home to a collective of buildings and galleries, each with their own unique offering. DH Lawrence Pavilion, Djanogly Art Gallery, Djanogly Theatre, Weston Gallery and most notably the Djanogly Recital Hall which houses a "superb acoustics in the compact concert hall."

Learning And Community At Nottingham University

As well as the variety of courses you can take in the arts and humanities within the faculty of Art, there is also the performance art learning curves enabled within the Department of Culture, Film and Media and the Departments of Music, Culture, Film and Media. Each bring you a fantastic overview in the field of interest with the ability to earn a degree, diploma or other qualification so you can further your career and really get to grips with your chosen career path and profession. Whether that be news reader, media analyst or drummer for the next internationally renowned band.

As with many universities there are external clubs which students can join to further the learning curve while in attendance. At Nottingham, the related arts clubs are New Theatre, the Gilbert and Sullivan Society and Musicality. Each offer an external avenue to vent your amateur productions or grow your acting or musical ability while performing at central locations in Nottingham to the public and who knows, producers and directors from afar.