As a member of the public planning your evening out how much thought do you give to the multitude of time lines currently running in sync and against each other to try and persuade you that viewing their own performance would be a better choice than viewing the other?

The great thing about performance arts is they're often affordable so you don't always need to make that choice of "well it will have to be that tonight and I like that but never possible!" As many events as there are in Nottingham, it is possible to enjoy a wide range of topics and genres without having to rush to see them or spend an exorbitant amount of money.

Alex Farquharson, Director of Nottingham Contemporary recently stated "I'm excited by Nottingham because I think it has a fantastic creative scene... the scene that young artists have created has been very, very exciting... Nottingham is one of the places to be right now."

Which is why Be Here Now has been resurrected. If you are a first time visitor to Nottingham or are looking for somewhere new to discover up and coming talent in the Nottingham area, browse through the following to find out what's on and when.

Art, sculptures, talks, exhibitions, you name it, it's possible to see it at some point at the Nottingham Contemporary. There is also two other highlights, the New Art Exchange and The Djanogly Art Gallery. Where can you learn the arts, performance arts, singing, acting and then go on to perform in amateur productions? Well there are several groups in Nottingham all with the aim of furthering your individual and most personal experience within arts itself and introducing you to the variety of dance, comedy and art productions from amateurs dramatics.

The nominations for best theatre and place for learning the arts are Nottingham Playhouse, The Royal Centre, Nottingham Arts Theatre, the Lace Market Theatre and Lakeside Arts Centre.

Fancy a laugh, don't hold back, whether new or rising star comedians, Nottingham has them all at some point during the year, get yourself down to Just the Tonic Comedy Club, The Glee Club and Jongleurs and laugh like Robin Hood as he ran away from the Sheriff.

For the latest cinematic productions form Hollywood and independent films get yourself down to the Broadway Media Centre, Cineworld, Showcase or the very independent Savoy cinema. If you looking for somewhere to park your arias then select from some fantastic classical and operatic musical locales such as Lakeside Arts Centre's Djanogly Recital Hall, Albert Hall Nottingham, The Royal Centre and Southwell Minster.