For several years Be Here Now was a celebration of Nottingham City and its arts and cultural sector.

NOW brought you exciting, challenging and often informative displays of the latest art and creative industry works to a wider public both in real space and via online pieces. Today the website is back again but with a slightly different aim. To make you aware of the cultural and interesting events occurring in Nottingham and the wider area of Nottinghamshire.

What can you expect to hear about and how will Be Here Now operate differently to the previous NOW festival? Rather than being supported by the arts council or local government, we simply wish to bring you the latest news surrounding events in Nottingham and occasionally across the UK.

We are specifically interested in the arts when it comes to performance within interdisciplinary digital technology, sound and image, music, live art and projection as well as static and moving art sculpture and anything that draws a visitor into the imagination of the artist in an entertaining format.

For those who recall NOW as we do, it was a phenomenal success in delivering show pieces that delighted, entertained and also encouraged visitors to think about their surroundings and simply enjoy the entertainment on offer.

Art is an expression of feeling and emotion in the NOW and is often representative of the culture that we are all immersed in together, which is why parallels of NOW art and performance can often be felt by the visitors and those who listen, watch and engage with the contemporary art pieces, whether stationary or moving or otherwise.

  • Event Management

    There are plenty of cultural venues throughout the UK that are ideal for presentations, exhibitions, parties and festivals. MK is packed with a broad range of exciting venues, so there are plenty of options out there if you're looking for events management in Milton Keynes. It's always important choose a company that can handle every aspect of the event, from sound and lighting to food, drinks and entertainment.

  • Marquee Hire

    Many music events and exhibitions include capri marquees and that's because they look beautiful and provide desirable protection from the wind and rain. These invite plenty of fresh air and light, giving you the feel of an outdoor venue, yet the atmosphere can be cosy, bright and lively, with easy access at all sides.

  • The latest Nottingham Arts, Performance And Cultural Events

    As well as looking back at features in previous NOW Festivals to see where they are now and what happened to their imaginative works, we wish to update you with the latest arts, performance and cultural events in the City of Nottingham as well as across Nottinghamshire and the UK.

    If you are running an event in Nottinghamshire, then do please let us know how you have incorporated art into your work or piece and the venue and how that affects your installation also. There have been some truly creative art works in the past from, Addictive TV's The Eye of the Pilot, J Spaceman, Konk Pack and Simon Poulter's Index of Deprivation with Lucy Orta's Dwelling X and Curious' Dry Clean Only.