Breaking into the performing arts should be an easy thing to do. However while your story or concept may be an interesting one, quirky, independent, against the powers or culturally innovative, so too are the works of many other people.

This creates another art form in itself, the battle to be seen and heard as an individual entity rather than part of a group within arts and performances which has merely been seen before. Of course we at Be Here Now understand your version hasn't been seen before, but how to get that message out to the masses in the first place?

Well welcome to the 300 seater Nottingham Arts Theatre. If your concept of arts is within performances or is a feature length moving installation then this venue on George Street might well be your saviour.

The Nottingham Arts Theatre is an educational charity which seeks to highlight and make progression and success more possible for the thousands of talented writers, performance artists, stage crews and set designers in Nottingham.

It is a place which for nigh on three decades has been a starting point for amateur actors and performance artists to learn their trade through trial and error as well as art classes that are offered to children and adults of all ages, several times a week.

The focus of the theatre is on productions and there is a great wealth of people who support the amateur dramatics and amateur arts in Nottingham, which keeps the visitor numbers high for each performance. However it is also the new talents of up and coming writers and actors and actresses that keep them coming back for more.

A Little Nottingham Theatre History

This art house movement has been around since the 1900s and originally started life as home to a Choir which also dabbled into Opera. To the outside world it would be deemed a natural progression to go from Opera to performance art and that is exactly what happened in 1944.

By now this Choral, Operatic and Drama group, needed a new building for their growing entourage, George Street was founded and has existed ever since. In 1999 with such magnificent nationwide support and with the financial capabilities of the local Nottingham Council, the group were able to save their theatre and buy their home. Which enabled the Nottingham Arts Theatre to continue to offer amateur productions and deliver acting classes to the local youth for the foreseeable future.